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I want to be able use METAL in my voice, but don't know how!

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This is for all the CVT people around here, and anyone else who knows how to get more metal into a voice that is currently VERY neutral-based, with only occasional light curbing.

I don't know how to use overdrive or edge, I have major issues "grounding" myself (not sure if that's the right expression for it...I tend to always go into a very heady-type of voice and I don't want to do that), and I have absolutely NO metal whatsoever. I WANT METAL!

I can't afford the CVT book, and would be worried if I did go broke buying it that it wouldn't explain how to get metal and edge and overdrive enough so I could actually understand what to DO to get it.

I can sort of see what I should be doing, but exactly HOW to do it is another story entirely!

Thank you!

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