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  3. Guide me, please!

    Hello, TMVW! Finally I found a forum that is active and help people out! It's nice to meet you, I'm Gedas. So the situation is this: I've been singing for like 3 months. I've been writing songs (Rapping) for like 4 or 5 years and used to do rap songs in my native language (I'm from Lithuania). Now I'm transfering my creative zone into English language.And since I love music itself, I want to learn as many aspects of them as possible (But taking one by one and making it to a professional level). Now I Work only on singing/speaking/rapping and writing songs, sometimes I pick up a guitar or synth. So the thing is this- I'll post a link for a private video where I sang my own wrote song (instrumental is made by Encore beatmaker). I just used it for a purpose of learning and creating, no final released products. And i wanted more opinions from other people, since the only two or three people that heard me singing are my vocal coach and one or two friends. Where does the beautiful sound/energy comes from? Or lets say- where I'm singing, what drains that energy and that sound? It doesn't feel like talking anymore but it's still not that energetic, beautiful resonant singing. Link: I'm working on my enunciation hard because ohhh boy, I used to fall back in my throat a little bit, mumble words , speak quiet and + I'm native Lithuanian. Every single critique is appreciated, I need to grow in best ways possible! P.S. I sound like inbetween talking/shouting and singing. Like I'm not speaking, neither I'm singing with beauty in the voice. Is it because I'm forcing my throat too much and not working my breathing efficiently if am using it at all?