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  1. Milly, Kindly show some respect for our member(s). Insulting and disrespectful behavior is not tolerated on this site. Any further behavior of this type will result in a permanent ban. Thank you !
  2. You posted as 'Nordic Being' and it wasn't "funny" or humorous. That post and your comments were insulting to another member, the moderators, and the founder of this forum. Kindly refrain from any further posts of that nature.
  3. John, Kindly review our forum guidelines (rules), as indicated below. In particular, rules one (1), two (2), and six (6). If you have any questions or require any further clarification feel free to message me. Respectfully, Adolph
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL of the STAFF and the ENTIRE MEMBERSHIP of THE MODERN VOCALIST WORLD !!! Wishing everyone Joy and Peace throughout the holiday season and EACH and EVERY DAY !!!
  5. Hope this helps :
  6. Dan, Wishing you a speedy and successful recovery !!! Happy Anniversary to you and your wife.
  7. There's an old saying : "You get what you pay for." So true ! While I haven't purchased the "other program", I HAVE purchased other programs prior to meeting Robert. I received books and CD's. However, when I had questions, there was NO CUSTOMER SERVICE !!! I was on my own ! Additionally, when I purchased the newest version of Pillars, I had a few questions. I had used a different name other than my own and when I logged in to ask said questions, Robert immediately asked me : "May I help you ?" THAT is customer service, par excellence !!! Again, so true ! See my testimonial which I posted on Amazon and elsewhere. I believe it says it all...... (Caps added for emphasis) "It was in 2007 when I first came to know Maestro Robert Lunte. He is the author of The Four Pillars of Singing (TFPOS), the founder of The Vocalist Studio (TVS), and the founder of the Modern Vocalist World forum. I had purchased his very first version of The Four Pillars of Singing (TFPOS), sometime during the early part of 2008 and taken a number of lessons with him. Within six months, I found myself "fronting" not one band, but two ! Since then I've purchased every update since Robert is always updating TFPOS. He is constantly updating his program to give you, the singer new methods to improve your voice. TFPOS is the most comprehensive vocal program available and I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to take their vocal skills to the highest level possible. Additionally, Robert travels the world giving seminars and training others to utilize his program and become accredited coaches." Yes, I'm one of those customers who have said : "Wow !"
  8. Absolutely. You can find keyboards at the links I mentioned above for as little as $49.00. Here's but one example : If you search the other companies, you'll be able to find the identical products at the same prices or perhaps even at lower prices. I've also seen some Casio's at Walmart for around $39.00. Note what MDEW mentioned as well. Hope this helps......
  9. Cats, Have you considered purchasing a relatively inexpensive keyboard ? You can pick one up for $100 or LESS. Here's but one example : You can also check out Guitar Center, zZounds, Sweetwater, etc., and compare prices. It would help you immensely.