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Hello Kris,


Welcome to our community.


Your Review:


- I like the sort of... "sleepy", down home vibe of your voice and delivery. I mean that as a compliment. The makings of a nice country delivery. Good start with potential.

- Your intonation is good, at least your potential for good intonation. You don't have a pitch problem that is serious. If the singing is slightly out of pitch it is only because there is a lack of musculature engagement , "support" inside your voice to keep the singing from slouching. A metaphor would be, your not sitting up straight in the chair. Your slouching, its a weakened position simply because you are not engaging the musculature and overall voice enough. 

- The good news is that to engage the voice more so that you will "sit up straight" and the singing will sound about 5x better is a very easy thing to do for you.


  • You need more compression on your vocal folds, or what we call vocal twang.
  • You could also use more respiration to support as well.
  • You need to open your mouth more so that you can get better resonance and more color from your voice. 


If you simply do those three things, this singing will be about 5X better!! You are very close to singing better, just need to remove the "lazy" and replace it with more activated, intentional, enabled musculature. Which would also mean you have some basic understanding of what you are doing and need to do, more so then you do now.

How do you do that?

You invest in yourself and your singing. You need to understand what vocal twang is and practice... just reading this advise isn't going to fix it. You have to commit to practicing some basic vocal workouts to strengthen your voice. I actually offer a very popular vocal training, home study program that many people around the world have benefitted from. At the moment, it is for sale for $49. Its a great deal, believe me. If you simply follow the warm-up routines in this program, that alone, will rocket your voice forward radically... guaranteed.


Hope this helps.

Kind Regards,

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I certainly appreciate the feedback. I gave it another go and I think the result is a little different but I'm not sure if the 10.00 only gets me submission and review or if I can even do the event I can here it is...


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I'm not sure about the $10, but since I didn't get a chance to say anything teh first time, I'll go ahead and give you some feedback. You're more consistent in the last recording, which tells me you put more focus on breath support.

Are you afraid to be louder? It seems like you're holding back on purpose, which is contributing to the lack of twang, compression, and breath support. Push a bit more from your abs, just not from the neck. It feels counterintuitive, but that slight psh downward will not only raise your volume, it will also correct some of your support and compression issues.

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