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Vahur Krautman

Michael Jackson - Give In To Me cover. Looking for brutally honest feedback.

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Looking for some feedback. With this song I constantly have the feeling that the singing is not under my full control. .This is the ~18th take over 2,5 hour period, my challenge was to get this song without major-screwups done in one go. Do I need more energy? Less energy? Am I overdoing it? Is it simply too high for me and should lower it further (I'm already down 3 semitones from the original)? What about the overall tone and emotion, does it feel to have a connection with the song? These are some of the questions I have. 




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Hi Vahur,

Welcome to our community, its great to have you here!

- First thing that comes to mind is I think your vocal effects are too much. Although I like hearing the delay on 8th note tempo, it just seems too hot in my opinion.

- I like your groove a lot. You really feel the rhythm well and have a good sense of groove and feel... that is really good.

- Honestly, I am not hearing a lot of problems with your voice technically in this performance. I think it sounds pretty cool and believe you did a great job with this. It doesn't sound too high for you and the energy is very good. I really don't see a lot here to be concerned about. 

Its quite good, minus the effects... turn the effects WAY down... keep some, but bring it down and this will be perfectly tasty and groov'n.


If you would like to explore your voice more and train it to its full potential, I invite you to take a look at my program, The Four Pillars of Singing



Hope that helps... 


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Thank you Robert for the welcome and the review.

Yes, it helps, a second trained ear always helps.  Maybe it's a psychological thing - when I hear myself singing, I 'know' what sound I wanted in every second of the song, and if it is not a full match, I'm annoyed, athough it could be harmonically correct. My backround is ~10 years of singing in the car just for fun, and lately 1,5years of CVT lessons in a local singing school from where I've picked up various things to consider. 

I will very likely take up your program during summertime! 




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