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  1. Lord Zefron

    Singing out of time or behind the beat

    Tell her to take some lessons on/ in rhythm exersises and if she dont want to listen then turn the volume up of your own gear so she has to follow the temp Get her to listen to a tempo thingy (no cant think of what it is called now, I have one that plays BPM to how you set it to)
  2. Lord Zefron

    Singing intervals

    You mean building muscular memory, then that would depend on the persons memory of relative pitch I think a 6th is just such a large jump that the vocal chords are having to strech and or compress in such a short space of time that its a lack of muscular coordination that hitting the correct note therefore after is so dificult
  3. From what you have describe it sound like you are in good hands Good luck
  4. Zijin. Can not get the quote to work, but what you have just described from your teacher parting company with your self is the exact same storey that I posted in my last post and is the same storey in the latter part of Roberts video. You should always ask you teacher stuff like this (including your next one). It is good that you have parted company as I think you would of been wasting your time and money. these people are real cowboys and give good teachers a bad name. Lessons on emotion what pish!
  5. Think she is talking about devine intervention What the word emotion, smells like BS to me! Think the OP should look at finding a new teacher
  6. Just listen to the video and on the last bit A vocal coach hiding there own inadices and blaming the student and making them feel shity when they leave the lesson, har har This reminds me of a first time lesson with new teach not so long ago. I told her in the middle of the lesson what my altimate goal out of all this was. And she just turned on me and said you can never make it you don't have what it takes ect ect and finished the lesson for me and had me walk out feeling small and embareced like I had been hooded off of the x factor or some thing But hold on a moment, on my drive home I thought about this and came to the conclusion that she was not that good anyway and I would of just been wasting my time and money as I don't think there was much I would of learned anyway. Just to prove it all I later call a time served pro up who was far more experanced then her and confirmed it all any way The truth is that this breed of people are not interested in hard work and in helping other, instead they would rather parasite and steel off of other peoples hard work to make up there loss
  7. So I know many hear would like to put things like this to rights, so hear is a good video of how to ruin ones career
  8. But those 2 examples you gave of drugs and American works is a typical political message is that first it sounds all good and well and it is for our best intrest but as ever there is always a hidden agenda to bring us harm and corruption This chart would explain it in more detail
  9. If you listen to the first part of this video where Jenifer Lopez gives a speech to hear fellow song writers. Infact you will find it more like a Nazi political meeting where she is commanding her fellow comrades to come together in these hard time of mass suppresion for humanity and come together and lie to us all even further. In the same way the media have lied to the rest of humanity to keep us all distracted and deluded so they steel our democracy and wealth as they take away our sovereign nations in favor of a new world order (one world government) Indeed listing to music is an escape from reality that they decided to give us just as much as movies and soaps the news. Anyway hear are the highlighted points from her speech that would indicate that as a pop start she is cut from the same cloth as all the political scum that supposable rule us all, and that this lady Jenifer Lopez is indeed working for or interbreeded with the illuminarty Its about the music the words and the voices and how they move and inspire us and through our life's At this particular point in history our voices are needed more then ever (and listen to them aplord her like they know exactly what she wants) This is the time that artists go to work, there is no time for dispear, no place for self pity. We do language that is how civilized nations heal! hear to the new voices (har har, what she implied was hears to the new world order) PS did you know that Madonna is 9th cusin to George W Bush
  10. Lord Zefron

    Intoning and extoning

    Sing louder over time, how dose that one work then?
  11. Lord Zefron

    Intoning and extoning

    Please let me know if this is right or not? Extoning is hamming while exhaling air (like you where doing a warm up) and Intoning is humming while inhaling air. The purpose (as I have been told) of intoning is the strengthen the vocal chords and thus would allow one to sing louder Any of this correct or not please?
  12. Lord Zefron

    Silverchair Daniel Johns

    Were you in a band?
  13. Lord Zefron

    Silverchair Daniel Johns

    And what makes you think you were on track then and off track now?
  14. Lord Zefron

    Finding Your Voice - a quick answer

    Right so what you are saying is where you place the tong will determane the sound color, and a brighter sound the tong is at the front of the mouth and a darker color it is at the back? Regardless of all the bull shit you tube videos out there; just to clarify one thing! sound color/ twang has nothing to do with a nasal sound You look like you are about to go and feed the crocodiles in your back garden , what is with the hat and everything
  15. whooops you got me there