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  1. Hi. I am really bored being Baritone. I am not sure i'm a Baritone or Not. But i have totally un-trained voice and i have also, fry voice problem by Acidic reflux. I have damaged vocal cords but still i can sing. I don't know i have to chance to become Lyric tenor? Or i am a tenor or baritone? When my voice health before, my vocal range: Full chest: E2 (Very weak and force low note) up to A4-B4 and with force alot C5 Mixed chest: I don't know this technique so i don't know. Falsetto: Max note G5 i only know (But screaming) (And my falsetto is airy and dramatic sounds like very Mickey mouse tone) Head voice: Very weak but max note C5 probably. Here is my some cover tests: This recording when my voice is health... (Old a little bit)