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  1. But you know Baritone is the most common male voice type. Which is means not Diamond. Nowadays most people loves to hear Tenor voices because they sound light, sounds very good for ears and sounds soft and never heavy? Nowadays almost in the pop music, almost everyone is Tenor. There is just few people who is popular and Baritone singer. But still most of people in the pop, they are Tenor.
  2. Well if Jordan he is Tenor that's why he sounds at high still comfortable and light voice. But my voice sounds heavy. I am scared about if i'm a Baritone?
  3. Hi. I am 20 years old. I born in 27 July 1999. I am un-trained singer. My voice get acid reflux damage since 2017-2018 and it makes maybe a little bit lower but nowadays i try to recover my voice health. Anyways, people calling me as "Baritone" or "High Baritone" and i'm tired because of this Baritone stuff. I always call myself as Dramatic Tenor (Low Tenor) because i think my voice is high pitched for calling as Baritone. But, some people say; "Your voice sounds too heavy to calling you as Tenor.". My voice is really heavy for become a true Tenor? I always want to get light voice timbre like
  4. Hi. I am really bored being Baritone. I am not sure i'm a Baritone or Not. But i have totally un-trained voice and i have also, fry voice problem by Acidic reflux. I have damaged vocal cords but still i can sing. I don't know i have to chance to become Lyric tenor? Or i am a tenor or baritone? When my voice health before, my vocal range: Full chest: E2 (Very weak and force low note) up to A4-B4 and with force alot C5 Mixed chest: I don't know this technique so i don't know. Falsetto: Max note G5 i only know (But screaming) (And my falsetto is airy and dramatic sounds
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