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  1. Thank you very much! The appoggio system does seem very useful and there are quite a few tutorials on that. I will give it a try. I do have one last question though if I may ask, as already stated is my head voice rather ridiculously sounding, I would compare it to Mickey Mouse, do you have any advice on how to sound deeper and less light?
  2. I misunderstood that then, i am sorry. What I mean by singing better, is to project better, practically just to sound good in general. I am also trying to learn how to bridge chest- and head voice, though my head voice sounds simply high-pitched and mickey mouse-like, that doesn’t have anything to do with the recording though.
  3. I did not quite aim to deliver any message. I am quite new to singing in general, thus I am just trying to sound better at the moment. I could attempt to sing similar to Ed Sheeran’s version, but it would sound rather weak.
  4. Ed Sheeran sings the song in a softer and rounder tone all in all. If I tried that my voice would sound way less strong, hence I am trying to sing it with a slightly more powerful voice. About the pitch, I intentionally sang it a little lower to not strain too much.
  5. Hello, I really want to improve my singing, I do not know what exactly to do though, other than singing in general. Please give me advice on what I might be doing wrong or bad. https://soundcloud.com/user-12387201/singing-photograph-ed-sheeran
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