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  1. @kickingtone i am currently in a vocal pedagogy class that is a mix of vocalists and instrumentalists. Most are future music educators and some are strictly performance. So i guess my question is how to make the instrumentalists feel comfortable answering questions in class? Most of the material relates to things the vocalists have already been learning whereas the instrumentalists have not. I want to encourage more participation from them in general but especially when we have members of the class demonstrate a singing exercise or a technique. But, I do not want them to feel like I am purposely calling them out.
  2. How do you find ways to encourage instrumentalists to feel comfortable answering questions related to singing? Examples like: How to chose repertoire for a beginning singer or what kind of vocal inefficiency is there? (Assuming they do not have much experience singing themselves) I have found that it is hard for me to get them to join the conversation during lessons in our pedagogy class. I don't want them to feel like I am calling them out, but I also really want more participation from them in general. What do you all suggest I do?