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  1. IF YOU HAVE GHOSTS ///// ORIGINAL FOR REFERENCE(ALREADY ON THE RIGHT VERSE) I took some liberty on runs and vibratos, just went with what I felt. Timing is something I´ve noticed has been a tad off, but I´m working on it. HE IS ///// ORIGINAL FOR REFERENCE(ALREADY ON THE RIGHT VERSE) at "-HOLDS(A4) us together -" I can´t really do a chesty mix so I let my head come in and worked on sliding down back to my chest without breaking or sounding weird, and timing, again, is something I´ve been trying to fix. Any tips are welcome. I like these 2 live versions of the songs, since I´ve been working my mix and belt(so it´ll sound louder intentionally), I decided to give them a try, my microphone unfortunately lowers the output volume at the loudest moments, something very noticeable in the first piece, and sometimes gives out some weird effect, but no so much as to botch the audio... Tks for listening and any criticism is pertinent!
  2. I never stopped to consider that his success came from mixing more...I had the sense that operatic singers were clutched to their chest voices like a turtle to a shell. I'll definitely listen to the first song again and try to hear the timing issue. About the high notes...yeah, maybe that mixing thing is what'll solve it...what happens is that when I know I'm gonna have to sing a high note I throw the whole verse into head voice to get myself ready for that one that's why the pitches are way higher than they should be...I'll take a look into mixing more and operatic breathing techniques. About the tone, I do agree with you that some people tend to push their "money notes" so much that they sound awful to me(Bruno Mars is problematic imo) thats why I'd rather have my head voice usable to avoid as much strain and give out that easy sound,like Ramin does
  3. I honestly don´t know what to say about my tone...that´s why I'm asking others...Do I sound unplesant in my range, be it upper or lower? is there just something that sounds weird even on pitch? I have considered the option of it just being that reaction we all have when listening to ourselves for the first time...just happening every time,lol. If I had to define to you what I find beautiful in a voice I´d say 3 things, powerful, as clear as possible from distortions; raspiness, and understandable wording wise...this guy singing fits the bill, but a tad less operatic and I have no problem going more "rock-y" to access my upper range. I´m always going acapella, vocals are what matter to me and putting them on the table by themselves really allows you to be sensitive to all imperfections that might would otherwise be masked by waves of other sounds. But I do ask, given I´ve had these terms thrown at me with good intention, but I´m still my intonation ok? From what I understand, it´s the capacity of going from pitch to pitch correctly...which I do think is a bit off especially in Livin on a Prayer, where I kept hitting the F instead of the Eb ... Tks again!
  4. I'm 25, have been casually doing some exercises for years, but only focused on training everyday for the last 2 months. What should I concentrate on FIRST? I would like sincere criticism. I don't think my voice is good atm, so albeit knowing what's working is a good thing I really want help in fixing my **?color?(**my voice just doesn't sound pleasant to me even if not strained and in pitch), my agility in the upper range, and understanding what out of pitch, tone and key mean...cause I haven't figured it out, and I don't know which one I'm doing, although probably all 3! Of course I know a vocal teacher is the best option...but atm, money is short and I don't feel good about getting free sample lesson one after another and not hiring anyone...they need to eat and should waste time with whom is actually going to pay. I'm providing 3 songs that I both like, and each cover a different part of my range, feel free to comment on whatever aspect strikes out more to you!(IT'S PROBABLY VERY LOUD) YM\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\(Your Man-Josh Turner) This one starts and stays on my lower range(I can hit the F2 with focus, but here I only managed to get to the G2) CR1\\\\\\\\\\\\(Country Roads) End verse The most difficult one tbh..I did it because it matches a range close, and passing my bridge, Definitely some wrong pitches there, but I really don't know what to do to ease this part of my voice. LP1\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ LP2\\\\\\\\\\\(Livin on a prayer-Bon Jovi) I provided 2 audios cause although it wasn't as difficult to hit and maintain notes as with the previous song, actually hitting the Eb5 instead of the F5, E5 or even D#5 seemed impossible, it's as if the higher the octave the less precise I get with pitches. Thanks so much for your time!