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  1. My mouth keeps making this weird "clicking" noise after I sing, whistle, or even say anything, and I don't know how to get rid of it. It's really hard to explain so here's some example ( I recorded most of them purely to demonstrate my problem, but not all of them ) Basically the click happens when I stop breathing out after making a sound: For example in "test0" I stopped breathing out after each "pom" to cut the sound short, and it made the clicking noise happen. Other example, in "test4" I sing something and then keep breathing out without making a sound, but right when I stop you can hear the click. I can also hear the click in my head when it happens but I somehow got used to it and don't notice it immediately as it doesn't seem to always happen I tried to EQ it out but it's in a lot of frequencies so getting rid of it without destroying the rest of the audio is really time consuming and needs to be done manually for each click. I know it's NOT a saliva problem. Simply based on when it happens while I sing it wouldn't make any sense. Help me please?