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  1. Please, tear me apart with criticism. This is a new thing to me, very new. I can’t tell if my playing/singing is really fine or if my friends are trying to not hurt me. I am 40 and don’t have time for false positive comments. I always thought I couldn’t sing so fee months ago I started singing in my car. Tried to get better. I also spent a year learning guitar by myself 30 mins a day, 3 days a week, in my car until covid hit. to myself I sound good but I guess that is typical. I also cringe when I hear some parts of it. Anyhow, 2 minutes of your time. ThNk you for helping me out.
  2. Hearing this song for the first time can you depict an image of the singer? Do you think he is a professional or amateur? How long do you think he is been singing and playing guitar? How is his guitar playing? How old do you think he is? I sometimes do this for random artists I’ve never seen and then look them up and see the differences. Anyhow, what do you think about this cover? How can you tell?
  3. Thank you so much. I will work on that. Yeh the guitar seems to really get into my voice as well as, at times, it seems like there is a second voice but this is straight from the voice recording app so it must be the guitar notes. Again, thank you so much for your time and suggestions.
  4. Could you please give me feedback on this song? I am not even a decent guitarist and I am trying to learn singing. Playing and singing comes very hard to me. Anyhow, am I in tune? I can’t really push more air through because I live in an apartment and can only practice late in the evenings and I am self conscious about that. The song is not mine and of course the singer sings it way better but, I am trying to learn to play and sing and trying to find a decent range where I sound ok and can hit highs and lows. I think this octave works for me but need your help because I can’t tell if I am in tune or if I just think I am. Anyhow. The song is ‘at the end pt1” by Wylder which btw I truly recommend to check out as he is very talented. Thank you for your time and,hopefully, suggestions.
  5. Wow MDEW, I had no idea that’s how they did it back then. Sounds grueling. Nowadays things seem different and, with softwares like Melodyne, i recently realized all the songs out there are corrected to perfection before making the final version so it can be daunting to match the voice I hear in a song without using softwares. I really dislike using any sort of filters but I also noticed that without reverb I sound really very bad and it makes me not want to sing. So I add just enough to make my own voice it tolerable to my ears and everything else has to be improved by technique Thank you for your comment about my voice: it is very hard to be objective for me when it comes to it.
  6. Thank you so much MDEW, you make a good point there. I guess I am trying to sound like the original singer to make sure I can sing the song instead of going around my limits and adapt it to my voice. I am taking it as an opportunity to measure myself and gauge the improvement if any. But I do agree that I should eventually sing it with my own style. I really appreciate your answer, your support and your tips. thank you! Thank you so much Felipe! Ironically, I focus so much on the higher part if the songs I sing that I tend to haphazardly sing the lower parts just as a filler for the higher parts I am trying to practice. I noticed that I don’t even remember the words of the lower parts because I focus too much on the higher ones. I do need to change that. i have also noticed I do that ‘sliding to pitch” thing a lot. I can’t surely and confidently hit the Correct pitch at the beginning of sentences. It’s almost like I have to hear myself for a split second and adjust it as I go. I thought it would get better with experience but I guess I need to actively work on it. Thank you for pointing it out! i loved what you said about the vowels, I read about that before but, english being my second language, I realize I default to singing the words as I would speak them rather than what they should sound like. I shall work on it more. Thank you for making me notice that. Thank you both for your time and suggestions; I really appreciate it!
  7. If you are not interested in my boring premise skip to #2 to listen to me singing Jason Isbell’s Cover me up 1) Premise. I always loved to sing but was always very bad at it. I mean, I could never hit high notes and, even the lower pitched songs I though I could sing, when I asked people what they thought, they didn’t think I was as good as I thought I was. They were nice in telling me but I could tell they were being nice. So, I never delved into it. Now I am 40 years old and about two months ago I started singing in my car during my lunch break. I downloaded 2 apps, Erol Singer Studio and Pitch Perfect. I started doing exercises in ESS and noticed my high pitched notes were awful. I kept working at it until, according to the app, I had a little over 2.6 octaves of vocal range. I still struggled with the higher notes but now, making sounds, I had been able hit notes from E2 to C5. Making noise, not singing. Like saying ahhh or eeee etc..not lyrics. I then got bored with ESS and started just singing songs and focusing more on reaching higher pitches and checking with the Pitch Perfect app to work at the limits of my range to get more used to it. At first I used a set of headphones with a little mic boom attached to them I bout on amazon for $20. Then I noticed that when I was singing high notes the mic would just not register them. So I bought a Blue Yeti...3 days ago. I set up the Blue Yeti clamped to my steering wheel and sing in my car during lunch. I know I should be standing but between singing in my car and not singing at all I figure it’d have been better singing in my car. 2) Now, a month ago I was not able to sing the higher part of this song if not in falsetto. Then I watched a few videos on youtube and practiced: this is what the result was. I recorded this using the vocalive app with de-esser (Don’t know if it works) and about 5% reverb and 10% size of room in the background a Smules app without filters for the background track. Jason Isbell: Cover me up https://www.smule.com/p/270407024_3425196961 When I listen to it, it does not sound right, but I cant tell why. Am I off pitch? Am I off tempo? What do you think I should work on? Now, I know I don’t have a good voice and even if I could sing with perfect pitch, I still wouldn’t have an interesting voice: I know that. But I am not trying to become a successful or professional singer. I am just trying to be the best version of myself...as far as I can. Any feedback and tips on what to focus on or tips on equipment and practices I would truly appreciate. As of now I can’t afford/justify voice lessons but if I can get to a decent level working by myself I would consider the investment and make it happen. Thank you so much for your time and priceless tips.