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  1. I was lucky to have known Ron all my adult live. He was loud. During rehearsals when the band was jamming he would suddenly jump up and sing a melody and rudimentary lyrics to see where he wanted to go with the song. He pulled back, very rarely sang out of his comfort zone. When he did struggle was when he was sick. He had a cold when they filmed the 1993 Hammersmith concert. That was one of several reasons he did not want the recording released. That's why it came out quite a while after he died. An example of him struggling is "Don't talk to strangers" in that 1993 show. He has difficulty singing clean during the intro and if you watch his hand gesture during 'don't smell the flowers, he always did that when he needed to focus. Another example is the 1992 Sabbath bootleg in Rio. He was sick and is often not in control of his voice but he made it through the show.