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Could anybody critique my singing? I really like singing but am not good.

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I thought this was very cool. You got a style going on and clearly care about sounding good. You have an ear for what sounds good. That’s my take. I don’t know why this would hurt your throat, though. Maybe you’re just not used to singing a lot yet. I remember my throat hurting when I was in my early days. Just wasn’t used to singing all the time. It’s not like that anymore. You’re probably fine. Stamina is a thing that comes with practice.

Improvement would just come with doing what you are doing now but gradually take it higher and try getting louder.  The only other thing would be to just attempt harder songs. Stretch yourself. Be brave. Braveness is 80% of the game. Copy artist’s pronunciation. It will teach you a lot, technically. That’s it really.

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