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Review My Vocals

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I am in a Power Metal band and we are putting out a new Cd here real soon and I am wanting a insite on my vocals, I have tried several different ways of recording them but always ended up doubling the vocals for the main tracks and liked it very much. This new album I went with only one vocal for the main track and doubled everything else, chorus etc.. Shoot me some insites if you can, the 2 songs Taste Of Mortality and Brotherhood were doubled from the last CD but if you click on the video for Apocalypse that is a new song for the new album with only one main vocal track and its hard for me to get used to, give it a listen and let me know what you think, thanks....


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A strong, stable baritone with elegantly placed distortion. Not too much to hide the diction of the lyrics. Well done lyrics.

"Taste of Mortality" made me think of Metallica, only more melodic. The guitarist is a shredder on par with Kirk Hammett. Cleanly articulated, even in high gear. That's one of things I have liked about Kirk. He plays as fast as anyone but you can hear every note.

"Brotherhood" had an Iron Maiden feel for me, including the vocals.

"Apocalypse" had some Iron Maiden feel with a mix of Alice Cooper. Very theatrical. Perhaps because of the subject matter of the lyrics. It sounds like you are taking good care of your voice and it sounds supported and strong no matter where you are in the range of your voice.

That's all combined with a RUSH level of complexity. And a Steve Miller sense of balance. Kudos to the recording engineer and whoever mixed and mastered. Not one thing was drowned out and all parts were given equal weight for their place in the song. Many times, the engineer is the unspoken member of the band because without him/her, the real sound of the band is lost.

The thing about your voice, regardless of whether the song sounded like the bands I have mentioned, is that it reminds me of Ronnie James Dio. But not in timbre. But in how strong you carry it and save the distortion for the last, as an accent, rather than the whole sound.

Well done.

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