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Love Song (style of 311)

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I just recorded this today over a karaoke track that I ripped from a YouTube video. I'd appreciate any feedback you can give. Thanks. =)


(Unfortunately, I don't have the amazing reverb/delay that Nick Hexum uses)

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Thanks. I'll see what I can do with that song. =P

To be honest, this was a bit out of my comfort zone. I tend to have or perceive pitch issues when I go the smoother, softer route.

For contrast, here are a few other songs that I recorded before this one:

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/ComingHome.mp3 - Ozzy, Mama I'm Coming Home

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/sundaymorning.mp3 - Maroon 5, Sunday Morning

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/beautifulgirls.mp3 - Sean Kingston, Beautiful Girls

vs. Softer tunes:

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/LongestTime.mp3 - Billy Joel, Longest Time

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/imyours.mp3 - Jason Mraz, I'm Yours

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/movinout.mp3 - Billy Joel, Anthony's Song

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/yesterday_v.mp3 - The Beatles, Yesterday

Other songs I've recorded:

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/hss.mp3 (over original track) - Train, Hey Soul Sister

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/BE.mp3 - The Script, Break Even

http://www.ahcpetsitting.com/audio/animal.mp3 - Neon Trees, Animal

Maybe someone could give me some overall advice based on these tunes. I appreciate it if anyone has the time to listen. :D

I hope it was OK to post all of these...

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My thoughts exactly. On the Script song, it's supposed to be kind of a half falsetto/half headvoice thing he does, but it was pretty rough trying to pull it off. Also, I wasn't happy with the choruses on Animal because I felt it was kind of the same thing. I felt like I was squeezing to get out the higher notes and honestly, now that I've listened to the original more, I think I was just way sharp on it to begin with.

My main problem is there's no one to jam with around here and the only instrument I play is the drums so it's been hard for me to develop any real style for myself because I'm mostly stuck doing covers. =/

I guess it's time to start practicing scales (vocal) and learn to play my acoustic that's been collecting dust.

Thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it.

Thank you as well, grueser2. =)

Edit: I'm so envious or your voice, cheverie. Metal is my real musical passion, but I just don't have the voice for it =(

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