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Freeing the voice. The Remedy

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Hey guys,

I have been experimenting with the song by Jason Mraz The Remedy.

Seeing what will free my voice and give me good tone.

could you tell me what you think I should do to maximize freedom


thank you

any constuctive critisism welcome!:D

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Too fast, no annunciation, in audible, mumbling, you are trying to be a crooner type; but you are way to relaxed with yourself and think that you sound great...this is a problem...

I commend you for uploading this rendition...You are definitely consistent in end, "i don't worry my life away" is not bad sounding

It’s like hearing someone singing out loud while they are listening to a song on an I Pod and you are unaware that others may hear you...

You need to be tamed...you have a voice; if you are willing to take constructive criticism and follow instruction from a voice coach; I bet you could be pretty good.


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