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Critique: Frank Sinatra - Come Fly With Me (Acapella)

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Hey guys!

I just joined TMV, and I love it! If you guys could be so kind to provide critique to my little snippet of Frank Sinatra's "Come Fly With Me", done acapella. I haven't been singing long, so don't rip me to shreds. :x

http://www.box.net/shared/51hjog12q1 <l-- Download link.

*I do know that I am off key when I sing the line, "... Weatherwise, it's such a lovely day."

EDIT: I just realized that you have to download the box version, so sorry. I've uploaded the cover onto my TMV page for convenience. :)

http://www.themodernvocalist.com/profiles/profile/show?id=18zxfx8bic6zd <l-- Quick listen. :)


Richard T.

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Your timbre is cool, and I think you have a good rhythm. You have some pitch problems, and your voice wanders a bit when you sustain the final words of most sentences, which can be related to support. Especially because this is sung acappella, you should try to be more expressive, but that isn't hard to fix, I hope. It may even come naturally to you as you gain more confidence in your voice and your own self.

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Hi Richard, a think it is great that you shared this song so that we can give you a opinion...I encourage you to continue to work on this...I detect that english may not be your native language,,,I hear a slight accent...if this is true, It would be intersting to hear you sing something in your native language to see if there are pitch issues. For most of the song it is pitchy. I also hear you over projecting; singing a bit louder at times without proper control.

listening from the beginning here are some of the words and phrases that were pitchy " away, bombay, come fly with me, peru, one man band , down in the blue, glide starry eyed, so near, you may hear angels chear, such a lovely day, honey moon."

I detect also a bit of nervousness; a little bit of nervous vibration in certain parts. You say the words properly, you have I am sure a very articulate English speaking voice; I encourage you to visit with a voice instructor for a period of time to work on some basic vocal skills. You have a good voice...You will be able to improve if you put in some effort. I bet you could be very good since you have the passion to go for it...

Singing in a different language is a challenge in itself; although regardless of language you should be able to detect the pitch issues throughout the song.

Visit vamacoustics.com I bet this will be a useful tool for you to help train your voice and detect pitch issues as they occur that instant; while also giving you a sense of a comfortable vocal singing level that will stop you from over projecting.

Find a good instructor; practice vocal scales; and warm up before singing...please re record and repost this same song and let us know the steps you took to improve.


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