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Evanescence - Lost In Paradise, male singing, critique and opinions

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Thank you but I don't know who to believe anymore, my friends and family mostly say I can't sing, I figure they are sued to finished perfectly produced music from the radio recorded on expansive equipment or to believe this forum where I don't know if people are just being nice and suportive. I can't believe myself cause literary in a 15 minute span my opinion goes from gooood to oh it sounds baaad.

But I love music and am very ambicious so I'll move to another city where I can get right singing lessons find a job there, I got 5 friends there form my home town and in 3 years of singing lessons I should be good.

I agree my breath support needs improvement I'm just becoming concious bout breathing generaly, here is the original live

funny how she takes rapid deep breaths during the verses after every sentence yet on the produced version you don't hear one breath =) but people hear you sing on my shure48 in a regular room and automaticaly in their head compare it to what they hear on the radio or on cd, obviously that makes the superior singer sound like an alien compared to me with the extras.

I think however my biggest problem is screching when I'm trying to sing powerfull I see it as learning process, next time I'll just sing less powerfull but mroe comfortable to exclude bad sounding parts.

Thnx for the input


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