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  1. David - I too have a big Adam's apple like yours and I am a tenor. No worries. As stated before you can increase your range way beyond what you thought possible with training. Good luck and keep at it.
  2. That's great. You've achieved what a lot of singers aspire to do. It's that delicate balance and coordination which takes a lot of time to develop.
  3. Maybe you strained one or more of your IR muscles. I've done this before. The IR muscles are very small and short - they are one of the main adductors - keeping your folds together. If you are belting at higher pitches - it is natural to accidentally use too much TA - and this greater mass requires greater amounts of air pressure. The IR's keep the folds from blowing apart with all that air pressure. The problem is that the IR's are so small that they fatigue easily. Do this too much and you can strain one or more of the IR's which can take some time to heal. In small doses it is not a problem. The holy grail is the ability to slowly dial back the amount of TA when going higher to lessen the required air pressure which in turn lessens the load on the IR's.
  4. There's a lot of moving parts. And to add to that list, the narrowing of the epiglottic funnel increases perceived loudness (which probably falls somewhere under your Vowel Color variable)
  5. Here is one of the best songs off the album - LaBrie is awesome on this - from quiet head voice singing in the beginning to stronger vocals in the chorus. You gotta listen to this all the way through this is an amazing song and vocal performance. LaBrie at his finest.
  6. Yes it was. The visuals with the movie playing in the background and the light show was phenomenal in itself. Stunning visual effects that were totally integrated with the complex music - whoever "composed" the light show did an excellent job - right on par with the musicianship of DT. I was with two friends who weren't as familiar with the album as me ( 34 songs is a lot of music to listen to ). But the show held everyone's attention to the very end - we were all hanging on to every moment. The entire performance - from dissonant passages to grippingly emotional melodies - was like music from a great broadway musical, like Les Miserable, Rent, or Phantom. It would be really cool to see this music turned into broadway show some day. There are a number of songs from this album that could be huge broadway hits. The music is that good. It will be interesting to see what DT does next. I don't know how they will top this effort...
  7. I just saw them last night in Chicago. James LaBrie was excellent. They performed their "The Astonishing" rock opera from start to finish with one intermission. They finished the European leg of the tour which gave James' voice some time to acclimate and strengthen with this material. We sat 4 rows back from the stage to the right of Petrucci so we could see all facial expressions and nuances that you don't get from further back. The theater was sold out. This was - to me - the best DT concert I have ever seen, and I've seen many. The music on this album is phenomenal. The band has never been better. James performance ranges from soft head voice to lots of high belting - never missing a note or struggling. And his stage performance is really cool. If you have a chance to see them on this tour - do it. They've taken it to a new level.
  8. It's frustrating. Yes, making the falsetto louder is one way, but just practicing the same thing over and over may not get you there. (BTW making falsetto louder didn't work for me at the beginning) You need a victory to show yourself that you can actually do it. Here are a couple you can try: 1) Yawning. Make yourself yawn and vocalize through it. You should find it very easy to go from low to high (or high to low) during a yawn. 2) NG - try a siren low to high while vocalizing on an NG. Try the lightest NG at first. If you succeed try a little louder. Now those two are not "singing" but at least you can get the sensation and prove to yourself that it is possible.
  9. I didn't check the pitch.. Maybe that's why sounds good here
  10. And Martin - isn't it the strong amplification of the 2nd Harmonic that gives Overdrive it's characteristic tone quality?
  11. Very nice Bob - excellent rendition. Lot's of soul and emotion in that performance.
  12. Must have been a great concert. For whatever reason Steve doesn't always have good nights ( those songs are really challenging ), but when he is on.....HE IS ON. And I don't really care that he is not always totally consistent from a technical aspect. It's more about the style and emotion he delivered.
  13. Adolph - My browser cache was goofed up - I cleared it and now the link appears to work - check this - He doesn't seem fatigued or anything and this is the end of the show - To me, his voice never sounded healthier
  14. I second what Bob said - Great Explanation! as always.
  15. To expand a little on Daniel's comment - your folds aren't holding together well as you go higher. They are thinning out too much and even separating a little, letting air escape, giving you a breathy tone. They do need to thin as you go higher, but when you go from Thick folds and then abruptly change to Thin folds, you will experience a "break". You need to gradually thin the folds, and keep them together more as you go higher. This is very normal and what most of us have gone through. There are many factors involved - it is quite complex. Like Daniel said it takes the right technique a good coach and a lot of practice.