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critique my performance

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I think your link being funny looking has kept people from reviewing your track.

My take: Pretty much exactly what you needed. You have a nice voice. The Norah Jones cover was well done, but for my tastes could have been improvised a bit more to make it stand out? I wouldn't actually recommend you do this much more than what you did, cause what you're doing ideally depends a lot on the audiences you're going for and how open they are to jazzier/edgier kinds of arrangements. If you took my advice, you might fall on your face like Marty Mcfly in Back to the Future playing Johnny B Goode with a Van Halen guitar solo.

I also listened to Movin On, and particularly liked the kind of falsetto/head voice wooh kinds of vocals, takes me back to some Motown classics. Anyway, I don't have much technical criticism, just overall solid, good times. I'm glad you're out there and having a good time sharing music. That should be what we all would be doing at some point or another so you're on the right path!

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