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  1. Hello you vocal freaks ! It's been a fiew years since I have been tthere. Whell. I had a fiew years break from singing but I returned and I'm pretty active now. I'm singing in Genesis cover band (they would kill me for such version of Land as I've recorded here ) Wonder if there are some old guard representatives here? Anyway - I'm shering with you with my raspy metal voice development. I'd like to see some of your reflection on that. (also feel free to critique my english I'm self taught dude from Poland ) It is not "produced" - It takes like 15 minutes of recordings very early morning https://app.box.com/s/k7byhdqkhnk5x199puz40tvy7irdszhx Best Regards
  2. Daug Poland

    The Road to Mandalay - Robbie Williams

    Very nice Dev! :)
  3. Daug Poland

    Volume for live rock vocals

    Hi As far as I remember, Catherine Sadolin said that for life performance there is sort of "step forward rule". Per example - If in home/studio conditions you sing something using neutral mode, you should sing it in curbing during live. When you sing in home/studio in curbing you should choose overdrive or edge for the same stuff per live gig. That is because we have natural tendence to pic louder volume while singing on big PA live.
  4. Daug Poland

    Painkiller - my attempt

    Luv the distortion. Pretty cool man Verses sound's more solid. If you feel like the harder parts comes with some strain, IMO you should check your vowels (position of your tongue - jaw tension) I have also checked this one a while ago. I have used softer onset and more distorted (rattled) sound - this way it come's really easy for me https://www.box.com/s/cda780eca047f4413666 Regards! :)
  5. Daug Poland

    Painkiller - Judas Priest - please critique

    Great man! Your on your way for a killer curbing. Screams are insane :)
  6. Daug Poland

    Rainbow In The Dark

    Gorgeous tone!
  7. Daug Poland

    Holy Diver

    Nicely done man! :] For me this guy does not sound anything like Dio :/. IMO early Russell Allen was very close to Dio's tone
  8. Daug Poland

    Debut album of my band Hateseed

    Congratulations! Awesome Stuff!
  9. Daug Poland

    Bon Jovi - Runaway Cover

    Yeah. I also like it !! I really like your NY american accent. I'm trying to imitate it as a pronunciation exercise .
  10. Daug Poland

    Coldplay The Scientist cover

    Nicely done Keith though I don't think it's the best of your covers I luv most of your stuff . From techniqal pov it gives Pillars results impresson indeed. So it is great you have progress in technique. Keep it coming. Regards!
  11. It's quite nice, though you need to rise palate 'couse it's a little nassal. This is a common thing when singing so quietly. Sing some stuff with holding your nose with your fingers - the sound will find direction. regards!
  12. Daug Poland

    Superstition Cover - Gabe

    This Voice is out of this world!! Bloody cool vocals . Awesome, stunning singing!! Nice arangement I do not know much on the techniques of recording, but I am sure that they should cut some (quite a lot) of low EQ, 'couse it's mudy on low frequencies. Slide down the bass guitar below 50Hz and boost a little on 80-120Hz - scoop at around 350Hz. Bass drum should also be scooped at araund 50-70Hz . Slide down guitars EQ below 80Hz. It will give more energy and clarity to record. Awesome work! I Love it! :)
  13. Daug Poland

    My higher quality recordings

    Wow! Great Jug!! Yeah.. I think it's best cover from ya yet! очень хорошо!
  14. Wowaweewah! Really cool:D