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  1. Hi As far as I remember, Catherine Sadolin said that for life performance there is sort of "step forward rule". Per example - If in home/studio conditions you sing something using neutral mode, you should sing it in curbing during live. When you sing in home/studio in curbing you should choose overdrive or edge for the same stuff per live gig. That is because we have natural tendence to pic louder volume while singing on big PA live.
  2. Look. I tell you that M.Shadows uses "creaking". If you are trying to achieve a similar effect, it is going to "creaking". If it damages your voice it means that you're doing something wrong and you need to try another way. Often fails a little thing like just a little of- not good enough support, too much tense, misplaced vowels. I would like to hear something from your records, because you write that you were classified as Bass. I wonder how you sound. that's all. If you are interested in differnet hoarseness, distortion effects. Look at this forum. There is plenty of discussion on this topic. Regards.
  3. Well. I would like to hear some recordings from ya. Shadows uses mainly creaking. You can find it this way -Try start a comfortamble note and progressively diminish volume until voice breaks. Than maintaining this feeling of "break" increase the volume. It must feel comfortamble! If you feel it hurt's or tickle - stop! You can also find heavier creaking. Sing something with "uh" vowel and cry/hold sensation and mid-volume. Than gradually incrase the volume and direct vowels more to "Oh" and "Eh" (maintain cry/hold). It is a little danger to play with creaking 'couse it's a true-folds-distortion. Aware of this.
  4. Thnx Geno. I will check this book. Really? From what I've heard -when you want to build muscle, it is good to have weight. I want above all to strengthen the shoulders and arms (extend them ) So far, exercise seems produce positive effects. I have more overall strenght and energy. Thnx for reps guys! Regards!
  5. Hi there! Recently I decided to strengthen my wretched body (I'm skinny) . I do pushups, I exercise the abdominal muscles and running. But I want to develop my muscles a bit more. Do a little body-building. I read somewhere that the heavy lifting is not good for singers. That it somehow affects the muscles of the hyoid and larynx. From what I know, the epiglottis closes during the effort to protect the vocal cords (Adarth somewhere wrote some on that). Do some of you have any experience with this? regards!
  6. Ronws Glad we have something in common. yeah! Dyna-Glide is a very beautiful, beautiful bike - very in my type too!. But I would not mention about my height if I could afford a propper Chopper. What I meant with my growth and bike, is that I can put my feets flat on the ground while I sit on avarage nakid- bike or sport-bike like Suzuki Bandit or Kawasaki Ninja. This year I'm going to make driving licanse for Bikes and I'm gonna search for something for me (not that I had never ridden before ) I dont wan't a pseudo-chopper which I can afford like Yamaha Virage I would rather buy something that is "itself" and just a good stuff for start - so I think about Bandit 600 from 2001. In 2002 I was in crew of stage-builders for a Garry Moore "Scars" show in Karpacz - and it was an event organized by the Harley-Davidson Polska. Over a 2500 Harley's (and One 1946 Indian Chief) in one place and a great show from guitar master! It was one of the happiest days of my life! And I got there by accindant :)
  7. Well - Bruce always sang on "the edge" - I think that at the beginning of his career was not yet have his own "security code". And secondly they were probebly crazy drunks check this one ->
  8. Well. It is like I can immediately recogniize when I'm loosing the basic placement of a vowel and my jaw is doing unnecessary movemants - so I can adjust my support better. And this whole together is helpful to ceep the fuller tone while goin higher. So now i am working on core of each mode (CVT's - curbing, overdrive, edge). It seems that the main thing for me to re-adjust is a support values. Tone just need more phisical strenght - more power.
  9. Thank you again Dante!! Excellent piece of knowledge. And thnx for a kind word. I will grind my core and record something new soon Regards!
  10. Thank you Dante! I thought that vocal fry is helpful for thickening the sound 'couse it activating TA muscles. I have made two types of onsets http://www.box.com/s/cjxff6qlopdql044kxcm regards!
  11. Thank you Dante! It's true. I notice it. I found myself neglecting my lower register. And I was wondered is that passible that my TA muscles are letting go. So you confirm that here. I'm actually really glad you put this that way (!) 'couse secondly you dispel some confusion which I referred from Felipe's comments on the vowels, becouse I'm feel self- confident on them (only I didn't use them legato way) So I'm gonna work on. I'm doing more "fry" and low singing stuff. I have even noticed that I actually sound now a bit thicker while i speak Would you categorize me with a lower voice type than regular tenor? Thank you! Ronws haha .. actually I'm quite short guy (5f 6.9inch) but I can ride a motorcycle - the hell with basketball ;P ..and I always end up solo with a power-slide on the carpet ;)
  12. Yeah yeah yeah - He certainly sounded very italian-school'ish with The Prophets in the early years "But to learn the ancient method, Sacred doors you must unlock." Regards!
  13. BTW Ronws, - I think DIO was very often on something so called howl-belt (term from Estill) . It means he use a Uh vowel but also EE and even EH with the same power .. and deamn, he had a great AH - . it requires a great support and he was just amazing when singing with full "body" on high notes. This is not the same as italian-school Uh/mix singing. Fix me if I'm wrong. Regards!
  14. Oh. I have never tought about ceeping a legato with one vowel trough whole verses and so on. I've always thought that rock singing is about actually continuous changing of onsets (I mean like a CVT modes- so also a vowel setup) and attacks to get the right moods and feeling and that is what keeps the perform interasting and dynamic. As I said - I am an amateur so forgive me. But as you said that I just realized now a conection between power-metal and classical stuff. . As I mentioned before- I don't listen to much of that kind of music so maybe that is why I did not payed attention to that. But I will do some motion in this legato-consistent direction if suggest it should be done (when i pick up next clasical power metal song ). Thank you