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URGENT please critique

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Have tried a few other places but gotten no responses yet. Copying and pasting:

So I've always thought about trying my hand with singing. I found some people on Craigslist who want to audition tomorrow night. I've never sang in front of people before. I've always enjoyed writing poetry, so I think if it don't work out they want to see my poetry and perhaps incorporate that. No idea how I'm going to sing off beats and stuff cause I have zero experience but we'll see how that goes. Anyway, I did very short clips of myself singing several songs. Please tell me, do I have potential or am I just going to embarass myself?

Adam Green's "No Legs": http://plunder.com/no-legs-download-90YCY9M4MG.htm

Bright Eye's "The Difference in the Shades": http://plunder.com/Y4C23Q6CQM

Adam Green's "Home Life": http://plunder.com/JA7R1UWXND

>Here are originals for comparison but of course I just sang it kinda how I figured I could

No Legs:

Home Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhEqljyZdS8

The Difference in The Shades:

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I am no teacher, or any type of vocal genius - but here is my $.02 : Start working on your support, you sound like your are singing the way you talk - and that is not correct. Find a good warm up routine and do it everyday. It should include lip rolls and tongue trills - you can find these on YouTube, although if you were to pay for a skype lesson from someone like Robert (the owner of this forum), you would be much further ahead of the game. Back to your question, should you try out? and will you be embarrassed... Well, thats up to you. Before I was going to try out for a band, I would make sure that I could sing the songs properly - and I mean sing properly. The more you sing with bad habbits, the longer it will take to break the bad habbits. Ya sound pretty good in what you are doing, so I think the potential is there (and anyone can sing properly with the proper training barring a physical issue) so - there it is. Get some lessons and learn the basics.

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