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Fiona Apple - Waltz Cover

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Hey all!

First of all, here's the recording. It's a cover of a great song by Fiona Apple called "Waltz (Better Than Fine)" from Extraordinary Machine: http://soundcloud.com/betterthanfine/waltz .

(Can I get in trouble for covering and uploading songs to SoundCloud or is that protected by fair use copyright law?)

I've loved singing since I can remember (when I was 3, my mom said I used to belt out Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing"--gay!) but have never had singing lessons and only recently became confident enough to believe that I could strengthen my voice/that my voice is worth strengthening. In the little time that I've started looking up online vocal lessons, my voice has improved a bit. I have considered maybe getting a professional vocal coach or joining a choir once I've gotten to a point where I'm comfortable performing.

No doubt, I've still got a long way to go... Specifically, I think I have kind of an ugly sound sometimes and I want to widen my range. If you listen to this recording, the ugliness I'm talking about really comes out during the "No, I don't believe in the wasting of time" part. Is this something that can be resolved through training, or am I stuck with it?

Any and all advice welcome. If you want some other covers to see where I could improve/see where I'm having problems, I am happy to sing something for you--like maybe Generous Palmstroke (Bjork) or Fly Me to the Moon (Frank Sinatra) or something from an old Regina Spektor album?

Thanks! :)

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a warm voice :)

I enjoyed that, keep it up, I can't give you advices cause I need it to :P

their is no voice that isn't worth strengthening, only training, will, and environement counts(I say environment cause for exemple me, I can't train the way I want cause I live in an appartement, with my parents so I feel like in a cage and I don't sing with all my potential^^)

the only advice I can give you is : never give up, sing for yourself not for the world, do it for fun

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Hey Amine, thanks so much for the response.

I am in a similar living situation with my parents in an apartment while I'm at university, but I recently started not giving a care about singing at home! I asked earlier today if they could hear me singing (and I can sing really loud sometimes, up to 5 AM in the morning!) and they said they didn't know I was singing. Then again, a living room and kitchen separate my room from theirs.

Anyway, I appreciate the advice. It is nice to finally be able to feel like I can improve upon something I've always wanted to do well. When I was younger (I'm only 21 now), my mom and everyone else would tell me I didn't sing well and that kind of got me down, so I stopped. I've been sort of "practicing in secret" and improved a bit. As I said in my original post, I've still got a long way to go, but even this incremental improvement gives me hope that I can one day become a powerhouse like Bobby McFerrin one day. That would be a dream come true. :)

Thanks again!

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I don't think you have a bad tone to your voice and you can probably do this song better; but once again, similar to other recent songs posted here in the last couple of days, enunciation. IMO how you use certain words and how you pronounce them, enunciate them, feel them. sing them. Some words get cut short...not good. "If you don't have a song it's ok." The "OK" was almost nonexistent. Rushed. Then at "you know how to get along humming." You didn't separate the words along and humming so "humming" sounded like gumming.

Little things like that are not so little as they seem and can ruin a song. They become big things. Kind of like laying floor tiles. If one is off by just 1/4 an inch, by the time you finish the floor the whole thing is crooked and up to an inch off.

Take a good breath and support through the line making each word count. This song has a sort of waltz feel to it (maybe it has to do with the title) and it has that waltz type flow. Maybe because there was no music to yours. I can't be sure. But it didn't have the waltzy feel.

Almost there. Try doing it (or something else) to music. :) Acapella is tough.

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EDIT: Looks like it got removed for copyright violation... Whelp! Anyone know where I can upload it that won't get me into trouble?


NEW SONG recorded with instrumental! :)

Amy Winehouse's Wake Up Alone


So sorry about the delay. I haven't really been in the mood to record my singing lately.

Please let me know how I can improve. Do I need to keep working on the same things?

Thank you!

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