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Original Song - Anxiety

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Most of you probably think this is a thread asking for critique on my song. But no, it's for critique on my singing of the song (technique, vocal quality), whether some parts of the song should be change to suit my voice and etc...even some lyrics? I'm Malaysian so my English isn't perfect. Any help with lyrical errors or incomprehension would be appreciated.

With that aside, I present to you 'Anxiety'. Just some basic info : it's one part of a two part song. The other part is called Disorder. From that you can probably deduce that it is about anxiety disorder. Mainly speaking, my anxiety disorder. Anxiety will be a 'lighter' type of song, while Disorder, hopefully, will be a metalcore type of song with clean vocals to a minimum.

The inception and first recording : [x]

18th of November. The day before, after not singing for several days, I tried singing just random songs...and found my power and freedom in singing was much much improved. So I tried singing my own song again and here it is [x]

Have I improved? Which do you prefer?

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