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Review vox please - Songs "Halleluah" and "In Love With A Girl"

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Hi there,

I have been working alot on breathing excersises and twang to help with my bridges. I now feel a new buzzing sensation when I sing and this is present in all ranges. I believe this is the 'mask' sensation that folks talk about but I am not 100% sure.

I have added 2 songs to show different parts of my voice

A slower intimate song to show some softer qualities "Halleluah" Its supposed to be my Jeff Buckley attempt of this song.


This song I have to sing full out, as it demands more. "In Love With A Girl - Gavin Degraw"


PLease take a few minutes to listen and give any advice.. both right and wrong.



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Hi Doomhead,

Go to Live Applications on the forum board and read "The Secret of...." by Alessandro Del Vecchio. That should give you a bit of insight. :) Even when you sing softly, you still have to hold the passion of the song to transfer the message over to the audience. Learning proper technique is very important. Once you have learned that, you need to sing from the heart. Figure out the message of the song and relay that message to the audience. When the audience 'gets it' it will come back to you tenfold in energy and appreciatiion.

I feel your pieces are lacking 'passion'. Don't just sing...............SING!

Michele :)
Rock on..

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