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Avenged Sevenfold - Gunslider

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Sounded pretty good except that I would rather hear you without hearing the original singer, too.

And a little perspective on the spoken part in the beginning,

My friend Lee, US Navy SEAL, 1964 - 69m Da Nang, Viet Nam.

A trained killer with nine comfirmed sniper kills but his specialty was demolition of Viet Cong installations and tunnels with remote0-detonated C4. He would have to sneak and plant charges and remote detonators. Then hike a click out and wait for enemy soldiers to get back to their base. Then , "Click, click, boom."

3 active combat tours in the Big Asian Vacation. 3 christmases way deep in-country.

And afterwards, he never touched a gun again. Not because he didn't want to. It was just a tool. He viewed his servide as necessary and he put it away when he was discharged.

Funny story. After his DD-214 and release in Port of Los Angeles, he went to the employment office the next day. They asked him what his experience was. He said, "four and a half years of killing people." So, they gave him a reference to Yelllow Cab! I wonder if the training was applicable?


Anyway, see if you can find a copy without the original vocal and do that. Or find a friend who can play it on guitar for you. I would rather hear just your voice. It sounds good but I could be mixing it up with the original,

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