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Some Nights by Fun. arrangement (my pageant talent performance)

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Slow Start

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Info: I was running for a Mr. Asian pageant at my university last night... was really nervous going in because I didn't get to review my lyrics and arrangement much and was doing the rest of the pageant stuff. I forgot the second half of the first verse and prechorus and ended up vamping chords and going through the rest and then improvising to try to fit the 3.5 min time limit.

All in all, this is the second time I've sung into a mic on stage for people... and my first time singing an A4 of any kind in not falsetto in front of a crowd... of 100+ people for a prize.

My observations:

I'm still getting used to making conscious stylistic choices to sing with a more tilted larynx as appropriate for songs. I feel like sometimes I forget... and my sound in my lower register (below D4 areas) end up less metallic in tone than I want.

My vowel modification on the OH was way too far toward UH listening back... I watched a lot of performances and covers of the song for reference and I didn't quite get the degree of modification tweaked just right for that. I wanted to get a more tilted larynx kind of sound, more curbing or overdrive than neutral and tried to add bite and tune the formants a little differently with different mouth opening sizes. I feel like my familiarity with that will improve over time.

I think I used too much air when singing the word "know" sometimes.

I almost forgot the riff for the high note (A4) in the second verse. Almost scared the support right out of me... I would grade myself a 5/10 for that riff/phrase attempt when I probably could've gotten about an 8/10.

Feedback welcome!

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I agree with Gina, you get kudos and respect because you got up there. In front of collegians, no small feat.

But I didn't know you were a sooner. I went to UT a long time ago, which makes me a longhorn, which requires me to give you some grief. Especially since at least half of the time, OU wins against UT.

For those who don't know, the Texas - OU thing happens every October, during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas. The Longhorns play the Sooners. On our own turf, usually the Cotton Bowl arena at the Fair Park, where the state fair is held. It's a madhouse.

So, for Bryan to win over his own rowdy college mates is saying something.

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Hahaha the Red River Rivalry is such a silly phenomenon. And I didn't know you were a Longhorn either! Very cool stuff. What was your major? something dealing with engineering, I'm guessing?

Yes. Fall of 1982, I enrolled at the University of Texas at Arlington, with a major of EE (Electrical Engineering.) Ran out of money, as I was paying for everything myself, no help from the family. So, I never graduated. Got into electrical work in 1983, but I had been studying electrical theory and electronics since 1975. So, now, I have some decades of doing electrical work. I have master electrician license from the state of Texas.

I know a few people who are Sooner fans. And they never let me forget when OU wins.

But, I wear my Longhorn hoodie when it's cold outside.

Which gets me grief from a friend that works at a grocery store. He is a die-hard Aggie (Texas A & M University, for those who don't know.)

So, we get it from OKC and we get it from Bryan-College Station.

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