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You Oughta Know - Alanis Morisette

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You changed keys a bit near the end on the high part. You may find it easier to hold the key and the notes by not letting as much of the tone go through your nose. That is, use the sinus to resonate, not to emit the note.

Great feeling and interpretation. I can tell you truly get the emotional feeling of this song. And true, this is your take on the song, more nasal than the original. So, let's call it an r&b version, a capella.

You've got some nice vibrato, here and there, and that is also where your tone is the cleanest. So, back off the nose a little bit, at least as a style pointer. You may find it makes some things easier.

And I bet it would sound cool if you had some music.

Don't worry about the kid. On my recordings, you can hear my dog jingling his collar (that's him in the avatar.) Or, barking outside.

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Thanks so much for all the great advice. You see, the nasal tone is what I am trying to get rid of, just have been unable to find a way that works for me to reach up high. My voice naturally just wants to rise up. My take of the song was more of just how I say things.

I really am trying to just stick acoustic and away from r&b. Amy Winehouse is my style I love to sing, it just doesn't seem to match my tone. Alanis seems to? Are there any other high pitched soulful singers I can learn from?

I can't seem to sing along with music or other's lyrics, I get thrown off guard and flip flop my words, so I haven't been using music. I learn the music and lyrics, then repeat in silence with my head....I need a guitar lol:)

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