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Critique Me Please.

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This is my attempt at singing country. I know my 1st verse is flat in some parts. What do I need to work on the most aside from that (and more importantly, how do I fix whatever is wrong)? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-7dOjVdFmA&feature=youtu.be If the link doesnt work, search thunder rolls Jahnsy. Please give me pointers, I know I need them. If I shouldn't sing at all, tell me that too. Just fishing for some opinions to get a feel for what I can and cannot do.

Non-Country song that isn't as good-http://www.youtube.com/watch?


Oh, and what would my voice range be considered?

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That's one of my favorite songs by Garth Brooks.

That and "We Shall Be Free."

Your voice sounds close to his in this recording except that I think you sound more nasal. Granted, nasality can be part of country music but Garth actually sings less nasal than most. So, really, that would be a stylistic concern, rather than technique, per se. For example, what I mean by that, is that your singing style, through the nose, was closer to Randy Travis, though you have the sound and range of Garth Brooks.

You were pitchy in the first half and got better in some of the later parts. I don't know if it was nerves or that you could not hear the music, as it sounded like you were playing the original on some portable player and singing over that. So, two things.

First, relax. If you tense up or worry about what we are going to say, you will trip yourself up. Aside from inability to feel the note, most people go flat from tension in the throat and sharp from tension in the gut. Let it all be fluid.

Second, learn how the right note feels. So, when you are practicing and doing well without recording, remember how that "feels." When you record again, remember that feeling. This song is easily in your range and the pitchy notes are well within your range.

Relax, breathe, feel the note.

And then do a cover of "We Shall be Free." That song is a good one for the ee sound. And it sounds like your voice could reach the heavens on ee.

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