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Symphony X - Bastard of the machine

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So, diction and timing has been my lesson since last time (aside my eternal lesson of singing a bit softer).

I picked another "earphone-breaker" to escape the clutches of singing softer though, but I really tried to do my timing and diction well!

I'm usually not the one to blow my own horn, but the overall sound got a bit better by focusing on that instead of pitch. The pitch actually came along!

I'm not saying that the pitch is perfect or that I'm some metronomic diction-God, but I feel like I've started to handle tools which will take my singing to another level.

Also, there's a threshold where the singing goes from bad to good, and this kind of approach have reduced the time for me to reach that threshold! Therefore, I'd like to thank those who pointed out that I had to focus on this, and those who helped me to get some ideas how to get there!

*Snip* Got a better and longer version! :)

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Always loved this tracked

You did a great job dude.......russel allan is a monster,and you handled this very well !!!

I stumbled upon it recently and fell in love with it right there and then, and yes, Allen sure is a monster! Easily one of the best!

And thank you very much for the comliment, Chavie! :D

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Nice to hear! :)


Thanks! I'm not sure what you mean by forced, but it takes a lot of force to sustain adequate support so you don't hurt yourself. I guess some of that applied force will influence the timbre.

Jeff Abbey

Thank you, Jeff! To be honest, I thought it would be tough, but it went smoother than expected! Haha! :)

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