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Help Me Figure Out What I'm Doing!

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Hi Guys! :D

Brand spanking new to these forums so I'll briefly introduce myself before I crack on with the reason for this post.

My name is Ed, I'm 21 years old and have been a live performer in the UK now for just under 5 years. I'm currently training at a drama school on an Acting course but one of my big passions is live vocal performances and gigging in general. My background in terms of a vocalist is one of a melodic rock I'd guess. Although I've started dabbling with mild opera styles, (Phantom of the Opera/Nessun Dorma kind of stuff), in the last couple of years.

The reason for this post is because the other day I was going through my normal vocal routine when I had a brainwave and began trying something different in my technique in my upper register. I know I'm doing something different, I just have absolutely NO idea what I'm doing to make the sound. Which concerns me because I want to be able to reproduce the sound regularly without problem. If any of you vocal gurus on here could listen to some clips and be able to tell me what it sounds like I'm doing it'd be a HUGE help! I think it's some kind of strong mix but I have no idea if that's right or not. :cool:

Grenade (End of first chorus) - https://soundcloud.com/edwardleigh/grenade-edward-leigh-chorus

Grenade (Key Change) - https://soundcloud.com/edwardleigh/grenade-edward-leigh-key

Livin' On A Prayer (Beginning of chorus) - https://soundcloud.com/edwardleigh/livin-on-a-prayer-edward-leigh

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