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The Only Exception

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It was good and you do well, a capella. Many people change keys because they cannot keep the tonic locked in their minds.

However, you are a little off pitch on your lowest notes in the chorus. I've been there, done that. Low notes would cause me a problem, too. Mainly because I would try to do them louder than what works for me. So, your low notes are also low in volume and that's okay.

See the note, then do it. Or, get rid of it. If the low notes are beyond your reach, don't do them, transpose to a higher note, like you do at the end of the chorus. Notice how you control the air in the higher parts? Do that for the low notes, too. Doing low notes is not "easy." It requires as much diligence as any other part of the range. In your low notes, you were letting control of the air go, and that was causing a waver, slightly sharp.

Yeah, I know, that is super picayune. But I have usually appreciated when someone gets "surgical" with me. Other than that, the song was great and you should definitely keep this song in your list of songs that you do well.

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