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Highway to Hell

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Here's my version of "Highway to Hell." I like to call it the Texas hick version because I sound like a country boy hick on it, I think, from the way we pronounce the word "highway" in Texas. I don't sound like Bon Scott or Brian Johnson. I do have to admit some of the tones, thanks to me overdriving the mic, are similar to that of Justin Hawkins. That doesn't offend me. And I don't know how to sing this song softly in order to get the rasp or grit that others get. I do get my own grit, though. This song has always sounded to me to a rough song, not refined, worn and loose at the edges, indeed, on the highway to hell. the laconic beat, even Scott's "devil may care" attitude. Angus's solo is slow and lazy. Those are the emotions I'm trying to convey.

I used an acoustic eq on the guitar track and an inverted RIAA eq on the voice. Sometimes the eq helps, sometimes it doesn't. For example, I think the inverted RIAA made me sound breathy on this, when I actually wasn't. More often than not, I end up leaving the voice like it is but I wanted to experiment with this one and see how it translates from 32 bit 41k down to 16 bit wav and over to what youtube can play.

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