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what are the things i should improve more in my singing??

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hi peeps. this is my first ques. i'm new here...

i just wanted to know your opinions on my singing? :)

this is the video of me singing "in my arms" by plumb.( i posted this video on youtube just now so that i can copy the link here. )


and i know my high notes sound too shrill (atleast for me and i hate it) .... :/

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You should improve the following : nothing, nothing and nothing.

After that, make sure you work on nothing for a bit.

I loved your voice, awesome singing and I can imagine how many types of songs you can interpret.

There are a couple of shaky notes, that could be support but it's only natural I think and

I've seen and recorded really good singers and they get many notes like that... they just do a few

more takes and that's it. You already said you warm up before you sing so slightly better support

on those 1-2 notes should yield perfect results.

Great potential here


PS.I'm no expert

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If you start with a very light 'head voice' and build into the tune it'll will greatly improve the song and your performance...

Try it and see...

Allow your 'soul' to really 'feel' the song = learn it - lose the sheet music and put it ALL out there -

all the best, Jim.

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