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Wanted to hear your opinion on this new Singing TV show coming up

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Hey guys.

So, in Israel, they came up with an interesting format for a Televised Singing competition. Ill try to explain what is going on there.

They have a stage, and on the stage there is a huge screen separating the crowd/judges from the performer.

The performer starts to sing, acapella, or with his own instrument, and then comes the interesting part. There is a smartphone app that this show created, and each and everyone who downloads it, can say yes or no to this individual performing. Each time someone votes yes, his facebook profile photo is shown on this huge screen in front of the singer which separates him from the crowd and 4 judges. Anyways, once he receives 60% of the votes, (each judge on the table gives 15% when he votes yes.) the screen rises, and he is in the competition. When the screen rises, then a full band of instruments joins his singing, and then the crowd can see him.

Now.... If he doesnt hit this 60% mark.... He goes home. Never saw the judges, never got any feedback, and knows that the world saw him. He just walks away.. Kind of cruel, but as a reality stunt I think will work well for the producers.

All this is done live, for the first time tonight.

In my opinion, this has the potential to be a world wide hit. I am assuming they will start selling it abroad very soon.

What are your thoughts about this?

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I kind of like and I think I can even explain why, from my own special perspective. I was born a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. There was not a lot of "videos" and MTV did not start until 1982, when I was in college.

Anyway, so, as a child, one's first exposure to music was by radio. This reminds me of that. Judging, as a paying audience, only by what you hear. As for pure singing, I think that is best. Because then, as a singer, you've got to know your stuff. You can't dazzle the audience with your clothes or moves or "look." You have to sing. On key, with emotion, and relay to people what you mean.

It is no less heartless than the days of old of getting radio air play or putting out an album. Or, getting booked at a gig and the live audience either likes it, or they don't.

But what I wonder is what if a singer makes the required percentage of "app" hits. Then what? The "judges" are going to make them more "perfect"? I am reminded of the travesty of the last season of AI. It became an R&B lovefest. And was that from just audience votes? Remember that for a good chunk of it, the judges' votes counted and so they got rid of Gabe Brown just as fast as they could.

Anyway, "reality" tv is both real and unreal, I guess.

I think it's better to just get out there and do your thing and see who likes it. Like Aerosmith did. Now that is irony. Steven Tyler, the last person who would ever compete in a "talent show,' judging a talent show. But, hey, he needed the money.

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Well, I predicted the US would go for the format, and I was right. Starting at the FALL on ABC :)


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