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Please...tell me whatever i can to improve..:,(

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ok heres the deal..i sing..and i want to sing..i want to make music i allready can its just the singing...im not where i want to be...my brother is allways saying i suck...but every one else that iv asked said i have a nice singing voice...heck i even got a vocal couch in nashville tell me that i can allready sing pretty good..i know its all a matter of what you think is good but i just want someone to tell me every thing i can to get better tone...to sound less breathy and be on pitch better...:/ i want to improve and do what ever it takes to get there....im shure if you listen to this and tell me what i should work on and what i can do to practice to get better..... thanks by the way im in to owlcity stuff :P and he sings soft and i suppose i listen to him so much over the years i got my sing style from him...i want to break away from that i just want to sing the best I CAN ....so thanks in advance https://soundcloud.com/blenderbros1/for-you-guys

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Disregard your brother's opinion, no matter how much you respect him. Concentrate on practicing.

True story, Dimebag Darrell stunk at playing guitar. At first, he spent more time posing than playing. But, between the ages of 13 and 17, he hid in his room trying everything he could. And came out of a guy that changed the shape of heavy metal.

Be the Dimebag of singing. Don't look for compliments right now. Don't look for validation. Look for exercises and time to practice. Shut out everything else in the world except becoming the most awesome singer, ever.

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so? what things should i do to get better? i also wanted to know how you felt it about it

You have some pitchy spots, here and there. Your breath support is fairly non-existant. Most of that is from trying to sing the same way that you speak. Don't do that.

The singing voice is a musical instrument, not one of "reciting" poetry or stories, even if the song is telling a story. Think of the singing voice as an instrument, like a flute or an oboe.

Stick to these vowel sounds. Ah, as in father. ee as in cheese. oo as in moon. oh, as in go. eh as in eggs.

The note lives just behind the sinus, always. Regardless of pitch, regardless of where you think you feel the "resonance." Head, chest, all that is just sympathetic vibrations.

My redneck mantra:

Motion, when necessary, in the abdominal muscles.

Note in the head (behind the sinus, not through the nose.)

Nothing in the throat, ever. (no undue strain or effort.)

Inhale by letting the stomach relax. Control the exhale when singing. I have posted this song in another thread for pretty much the same reason, control the exhale. I do this long note without taking a huge breath before hand. I just breathe in normally. But control the exhale. That is breath management, some call it breath support.

"Live Like You were Dying" by Tim McGraw


And when you sing, quit trying to match what you think the original singer is doing. Sing the song the way that you feel it.

Like this:

"The Cowboy Song" by Thin Lizzy


I am not an expert or the "best" singer. I just sing, and so can you.

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but its not that bad? then...:./ my bro allways says i suck worse than anything he ever heard....i know i should not listen but it just sucks he thinks that///my dad is truth full and said hes just trying to get to me..he said i can sing really well.. i lake confidence for shure..im afried to get loud....its wierd

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What a fun song! I'm following you on soundcloud. I love your voice. The only thing I would suggest is to line up the harmony a bit better. There are a couple spots where they are a bit off in the mix but the vocals sound great to me :-)

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