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JD on Ice - Free Download!!

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I posted this in another thread elsewhere on the forum. I don't post that often. As most of you know who have heard my stuff, I normally record all instruments myself. But back in '04 or '05, a musician friend of mine and I were working on some tunes.

This one was actually written by my lovely wife, Debra.

I reworked the words into a more lyrical fashion.

I wrote all the music, vocal melody etc.

My buddy played guitar and drums on this, I did bass guitar and vocals.

However, my buddy joined me in the chorus with a really deep voice, which to us sounded like the 'Voice of God' joining us on it. One of our jokes is that when your voice sounds really rough from sleep or being sick,

it's time to go record vocals again for it, lol. It's a fun party song. Enjoy


(I have players there to play the song)

Or you may direct download if you wish. Right click and 'save as':


(Or just click the link and it will play in your media player)

...I have to warn you, the hook in this tune is highly addictive. You will find yourself humming and singing

it after you walk away from the computer....

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