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Can I sing? - He ain't heavy

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So I have never sung before in my life, done a bit of backup vocals when playing in a band, but that's it. I've always wondered if my voice works as a singer or not, as I'm to embarrassed to sing in front of anyone, let alone ask them how it sounds.

Did a quick recording with a handheld recorder, just vocals and some sloppy acoustic guitar to boot..

Here's a link: http://yourlisten.com/LondonBaby/he-aint-heavy

Thank you in advance for any and every response.:)

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There are pitch issues and i noticed you cant keep the pitch on a long note. Your voice is airy, you make it airy or its "natural"?

Thats what i hear.

Thanks for answering! I'm not sure what you mean by airy, but I think its natural. Think it sounds a bit different if I'm standing up, but not sure.

Any tips on how to work on pitch and long notes?:)

you definately can sing ... there are some things to work with .. and when you become more confident and don't doubt yourself you will improve more!

great song choice. You are gonna be really good just sing that song and many others a thousand times and you will see great improvements.. great job

Thank you both for the replies:)

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One or two cents flat on the high notes. Don't reach the notes, bring the notes to you. Basically, you already have the notes, you just have to get out of your own way. Do this by singing cleaner vowels. Your ee sound is pretty good. For a, go ah, not aw. For dipthongs, like in the word winding, the first i is a changing vowel sound from ah to ee. Stay on ah until the nd part then do ee - ng.

Also, don't worry about staying at the same volume all the way through. If you want to get a little louder or brighter on the high parts, go ahead and do so. you have my permission. :D

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