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What kind of voice is that?

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Well, that is simply the high part of your range.

Some people may call it headvoice ( as I do ), others might call it falsetto, or M2. There is a pretty big argument about terminology here in the forum haha

The important thing that you want to know, is that that high part of your range is sooo manipulable.. You can make it sound from very airy/breathy and feminine to very big and powerful chest-sounding just like your "normal" voice.

How is it that it can sound so different? Simple. How you shape your vocal tract, and how adducted are your vocal folds ( how close they are to each other ) is what determines the type of sound you get.

You can DEFINITELY use any kind of sound to sing. It all depends on the song and what YOU want to sound to others. Think about Prince, The Bee Gees... or Stevie Wonder, Tom Jones, Meat Loaf.

I hope I helped you to somewhat clarify your thoughts, mate.

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