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Need honest critiques - Angus and Julia Stone/Big Jet Plane

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I like this one, a lot more than The Scientist.

You have a very nice vibrato, and you know how to play with it. You use it a lot on the end of the phrases, and it sounds good.. very good.

Question: Do you listen to this relaxed.. soothing kind of music always?

Do you like to use your voice for this, or do you like other genres too?

I feel like your voice is made ( or you have trained it very well ) for this kind of music. It fits it perfectly and feels very organic.

Good job, mate.

When I have more time I will listen to your other one. :)

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Thank you very much! I am really surprised to hear basically only compliments :) If there are things to improve or that you didn't like (and I am sure there are) please tell me..

I never practiced and it's the first time I am actually recording anything.. I would like to know how to play with the sound better and also improve my voice and its stability and ranges.. I feel sometimes that I am trying to hard and flat on some notes but I don't know.. that's why I am asking you :)

If you can give your opinion on the other one as well, I'll appreciate it!

And other opinions too...

Thank you.

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