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"Papa, Can You Hear Me?" Yentil First Half/baritone belter

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I really love this song, but it's not very easy at all with all the dynamic switches, runs, and belts, but I thought of trying it as it fits well in my higher comfort range (a note and a 1/2 or so higher than this and it becomes effort) so I'm able to play with it a bit.

I tried to sing it in a classical delivery. Anyway, I'd love to have a fully workable cover of this song. This is the first half in one take. Let me know where I should improve. Thankx.

Oh something very odd that maybe some of your more vocal pedadogists can help me with: My belted notes (when I record them) are sometimes lower in volume (higher amplitude in Audacity) than my middle stuff but "seem" louder. Is this okay? I have no training, so I don't know if it's right but it feels easy and I can add vibrato?


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