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Christina Perri - Human (Cover)

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That was great. Wonderful song choice, excellent vocal line and harmony. I begin to think that these collaberators of yours are students at a college. And I almost recognize that mountain range in the background, I think. Doesn't matter, really, just something I noticed. Which is a good sign. I spent more time looking at the mountain than "analyzing technique."

I liked the funny part about your cheat sheet trying to blow away. For others who don't know, a cheat sheet is not "cheating." It is lyrics and chords written in relation to each other and you actually have to already know the song. The chord progression as written is just a short-hand reminder. And you already have to know the melody.

Some don't even have the chords written. Nashville uses a shorthand form, based on music theory, that is numbers and a note for what style of chord, whether barre or open. So, a cheat sheet intro might say 1-4-5 and you play those intervals in whatever key you are set in. So, the sheet might say key of B (open A form). So, you capo the guitar at the second fret and flail away. Or you could barre with the index finger, depending on whether or not you plan to do inversions.

I digress.

Good stuff, guys and gals.

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