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Get Lucky - Daft Punk Cover

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It can be hard to tell the results when a song might mean something us and nothing to any one else. Your singing was fine. The arrangement was similar to the original, minus the synth drums. I was watching auditions from the Voice and a young lady did a blind audition with this song, while playing the harp. She also had a hard time getting judges to turn around in spite of her obvious skill and good pitch and lovely intonation.

So, a number of people might view it as a curiosity but it doesn't seem to inspire as others do. And the melody line is dead simple.

Or people are just too busy. Or they don't like the song and hope it will fade into obscurity with less resilience than bell bottom jeans.

I, too, have posted some times and never received one single comment. Not good, not bad, not "please, for the love of God, stop making that sound." Nothing. So, I figured, at least, no one was saying how bad it was. Sometimes, no news is good news.

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