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Better example of my singing.

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Hey all,

a couple weeks ago I posted a song with some limited singing.

I have been practicing more, and recorded this "freestyle" acoustic song.

Lyrics are nonsense, and performance is not perfect. (as you will hear on some of the falsetto parts/higher parts).

But I think this represents where Im at "skill wise" the best.

Let me know your thoughts.

I thought I was a tenor, but I think Im a light baritone.

once I get to E4, I hit a wall.



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I don't know the songs but I liked your singing. Full of bite and emotion at the appropriate places. Though, if I could suggest something about mixing, from my own personal aesthetic, maybe you could lower a little bit the volume of the low harmony. Pitch is great and perfectly matched but the volume of the two vocal tracks are in competition, in my redneck opinion. That is to say, the singing was great, I just would have preferred a slightly different editing strategy on the recording. Nor am I an expert of recording. Just listen to any recording I have mixed. :lol:

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