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Critique on my singing just in general

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Is my singing good? Is it bad? What am I doing good? What needs work? What do you hate about it? What do you love about it?

Do not comment on the faces I am making I know I make silly faces, I am working on that. lol :) This is my first run through lol.

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You are letting too much air escape. Breath management is slowing down the release of air. So, your tone is windy. It is also causing pitch problems. But the bigger pitch problem is that you are speaking the song, instead of singing. Singing and speaking are two different things, even if using the same apparatus of vocal folds, resonance, etc.

Think of the voice as a musical instrument. Make a sound and hold that sound without clear pronunciation. As a singer, you channel melody, not a recitation of prose.

Don't worry about the faces, good or bad. Think about making a note, as if your voice was a flute.

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I understand the vocals are like an instrument just so you know. I am a newer singer with only two years on my belt. But I know how to sing a scale crisp and clean, with great pitch.

I really don't like that I can't really just put sound clips and that you have to put it on youtube first. But here is a clean clip of a song I already am fine with singing, just a better idea.

I totally know what you mean. I listened over it just now so I could also get a um well fresh ear I guess. There is a lot of airness, in the Tired of being sorry. I was hoping this site would be more responsive with critiquing so that way I could take the advice make changes. Then send it out again improved.

Trying to do a kind of voice progression thing.

I don't really have problems with music scales, I mean voice control. In that song , though it definitely sounds like it. I definitely should of tried it through with lip rolls first.

I am more focus on the song Little Girl then the Tired of Being sorry.But I am going to run through it to see if I can make some changes as you suggested.

this is a more "singy":

There still some kinks in my other one too, Little Girl:

This is my second practice of this song

my own critique on myself would by is I need to work on the part someone to love.

some other critiques would also be nice. Thank you btw. :) much appreciated.

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