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Quick cover I did today! (yours)

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It's good as always. I think you're better than me so it's hard for me to help you technically. The only objective observations I have is this is a yodel heavy one. Which is good but if you can't control it, you might want to keep training it so you can turn it on and off freely.


The other thing is this song is very legato and slidey in pitch, with words/notes rarely either instantly moving to the right note, or or stopping briefly, to move instantly to the next note. It's good, but it can be useful to train with 'instant note changes' almost like a light switch. 


Off the technique topic, I also wanted to point out that you exude genuine kindness in your music, pictures, posts, and music video you made. Either you're a good faker or you may indeed be a good hearted person. So if you ever become our famous soul diva, I hope you can keep that.


But I wanted to point out that talent and humility can sometimes be a rare combination in success, even in my favorites I listen to regularly, in some ways it's a double edged sword. If you are humble, it can be hard to stand up and say 'look at me, I'm hot stuff!' So if my impression of you is at all correct, just know you might have to go against the grain at some point in the future to stand up and be noticed. But hopefully only for that. So while you've got youth, you've got looks (wish it didn't matter, but sadly it's very helpful), you've got talent, and are poised in a better situation than many singers, there may come a point where you have to stand up and say 'look at me, I'm pretty awesome,' not necessarily with words, but with self confidence, and presentation.  I know for me, that idea sounds horrific. Something like that might be the difference between you realizing the potential you could with an audience though.


So keep practicing, keep training, but I think you have commercial potential. I think a lot of people would like to hear someone like you. But whether they hear you or not, would depend on a lot of things, one of which will include how you approach that issue. :)

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Listen to no one else but me.  :ph34r:


This fine. The mix could use some changes. Record and mix it pro, with a little more reverb on the vocals. Pay the copyright release and sell it,


Like, now.


In which case, before you do that, get a lawyer that specializes in music law. If you can't afford the retainer, offer him points (percentage) on the income. That deal happens a lot more than most might realize.

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