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On that painfull day

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Hi everybody. My name is Boudewijn and I’m from the Netherlands. Normally I don't sing myself because I don't consider myself as a good singer. For me, a good feel the most important thing anyway. Occasionally I write some songs and this one I sang myself. I never had lessons and I have no clue as far as techniques goes! I play the guitar as well and also he backing vocals.

This is a song based on my own story. It’s about my father that was killed by his best friend! It's been a long time and I always wanted to write a song about it, without going into details to much!  Writing music is like an exhaust for me.  It’s about how I felt as a kid at the age of fifteen. Wasn’t always easy for my mother and sisters as well! But some words that he told me kept floating around. He always said to me... I love you and! Following with a kiss on the eye! He just knew that he wouldn't die as an old man! From above I’ll hear your sound!

Thanks for listening!


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i quite enjoyed it. You have a nice voice.  It's definitely easy to listen to.  I love acoustic stuff. I could tell that this song was important to you, but you sang with a bit of a guard up. You want to find a comfortable level of vulnerability where you can access those emotions, but still be able to remain composed. Basically, use your emotions for the song in a way that makes it more dynamic in your phrasing, volume etc.  Other than that, you should "sing" more!  The more you do it (and believe you're doing it), the more comfortable you'll feel. When you start off singing a song, don't even have the thought of "well, I don't sing and I don't consider myself a good singer, but here goes anyway".  Just sing it and trust yourself because you've got the skills. 

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@ BlackyJane

Thank you very much for the kind words. What I meant with, "I do not consider myself as a good singer” can mean the same when someone plays three chords on the guitar and don't consider themselves as a good guitarist. To be honest, I’m not really busy trying to find comfortable level of vulnerability at all ;) But I do recognize some things you’re saying. I’ll keep them in mind for the next take!


@ Bono


Hey man I thank you as well.

I write and record everything in my little home studio! Nothing special. I don’t use anything, other than a dynamic filter and a good reverb! That’s it! I use a James Neligan guitar. The cheapest of them all! The mic I use is a Rode NT1-A. Record everything in Cubase 5 installed on my home pc. For the mix I use only volumes! First very loud and then bit by bit I turn down the volume till it sounds good to me in every level!

Bless all,



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