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  1. Thank you, Robert! I glad you like it I am from and live in Argentina, married with two small children. I am a lawyer but I do commercial activity for living. Not currently taking singing lessons, but I used to do it a couple of years ago. I took classes on skype with a teacher who teaches the speech level singing method. However, I combined it with some exercises for the chest voice.... Music is my lifelong passion, and at this point in my life I am trying to dedicate myself to it in a more professional way ... that is more or less the summary of my life :D
  2. Hey guys! It's been a while... I'm working on my YouTube channel, trying to post videos more frecuently please take a listen to my cover and Tell me what do you think thank you in advance!
  3. This is my first attempt to this song!
  4. wow!! I really like your voice, full of resonance and power, nice tone... great technique
  5. This is one of my favorite u2 songs, you did it great!
  6. Hi Musikman, I Listened to the last two songs you posted. I think you have a very nice and important voice, and a great technique. My advice is on the choice of the songs. In my opinion, you should choose songs where you can show the beauty of your voice, as you do in the song of Billy Joel; but also with sharp moments because with your technique you do them very well. A mixture of your two registers, the center and the high, in a one song would be great. In the Journey song ,you do it very well, with great dignity, but is missing the beauty of your voice.
  7. Let's stay together - Al Green Purple rain - Prince (Counts as a rock song?)
  8. Thank you very much , John !! I appreciate very much your words. I recently discovered Donny Hathaway and I think I 'm going to spend a while studying him
  9. You are an artist, dude.. , very beautiful song... I like the piano, the guitar, your voice and the combination of all this
  10. Wow! I really like it! and I agree that it suits your voice... very nice.. yes, it needs some work, specially on the timing, but I think that with a little practice this will be great
  11. You have the kind of voice that I love! deep and soft. Good for you! There is something , however, that strikes me . Sometimes I notice as a gap in your voice, a hiatus or and as if it were a little tired. Could be? Please take good care of that marvelous instrument you have.. With regard to this song , I have to say that although I like riffs, runs and all this stuff, you should be careful not to abuse of this, so as not to become monotonous; personal taste. I recognize that Joss Stone uses much this resource , and that's the reason why I do not listen much her songs, even though she has a very beautiful voice. But again , this is just personal taste
  12. Thank you very much Killer!!! I really appreciate your words.. thanks a lot Totally agree! the biggest challenge for me with this song is to not miss the meter. I'll work on it and then upload a new version Hope the moving go well with you!!