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  1. Review my Singing Please :)

    Okay excellent thank you very much, I'll work on those! Kind Regards Connor
  2. Review my Singing Please :)

    Ah sorry my bad. This one please
  3. Review my Singing Please :)

    Hey sorry, i do have a few on i forgot about Regards Connor
  4. Review my Singing Please :)

    Hey so i've been singing for about 12 years now never had lessons sadly as i could never afford them. i'm 20 years old and i'm wanting to do music as a career either teaching with gigs on the side or just straight up gigging if i'm good enough for it. I have a few videos on my facebook page @ I ask my friends and family for their feedback on my singing but its always been yeah you're good which is just frustrating because good is never enough and it's not as detailed as i would like to know. i can take the most brutal criticism so dont hold back i really need to hear it! I would like every small thing i do wrong pointing out and advice on what to work on if possible! Look forward so seeing the reviews! Kind Regards Connor Sydney Hodgson